Funding and Sponsorship

Newham Swords has managed to to achieve some spectacular results despite being based in Newham, one of the poorest Boroughs of the country. It is the best evidence that sporting achievements are not the exclusive realm of the better off!

However, while it is relatively easy to get funding for grass roots/beginners fencing, getting younger fencers to national and international competitions, sometimes once a month, is a different matter.

All too many talented young fencers are lost to British Fencing because they cannot afford the international equipment, travel and accommodation costs or training camp costs and those of the adult escorts, referees and team manager who must accompany them! No assistance is received from British Fencing, the NGB. Some funds are raised by running junior competitions which make some profit for the club, but this is not enough to finance 13 international fencers!

Newham Swords is looking for a local, well known, corporate organisation to be our sponsor in the region of £20,000-£25000 pa. The Club is prepared to be used in any campaign or publicity to advertise the donors’ contributions, services or products. There are many opportunities for their name to appear in the local and national press and even on TV while our international exposure is increasing every year at European competitions.

The sponsor would be associated with high achieving sporting success (see our achievements here), seen to be supporting the local community and showing that young people can achieve, whatever their backgrounds, given the right training and support.

If you can help please contact the club manager, Linda Strachan, on or 07956 618 898

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