Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

In light of the Coronavirus situation, and following Government and British Fencing guidelines, we would like to inform our club members that there will be no Newham Swords club training sessions until further notice.

At least Pierre will get some quality time in his Man Cave now!!
Stay safe everyone! xx Linda and Pierre

The July and October Training Camps, Newham LPJS and Event 4 scheduled for October and November, remain open for entry

British Fencing Club of the Year 2018-2019

Newham Swords Events in 2020

We already have dates for our events in 2021!

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Fencing Competitions

Newham 2020 Junior Foil Challenge Series

“the Newham series has been great this year… and great sparring experience for U14s.” (A Fencer’s Mum)

Event 4 – Saturday 10th October

Results and Points table for earlier events are available from the Menu

Newham LPJS Autumn Foil 14th and 15th November 2020

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Newham Swords Training Camps

Summer 4 day Training Camp: Cancelled. We hope to run a Christmas Training Camp

Cadet Training Day: Sunday 11th October (follows Event 4)

Newham Swords Events in 2021

Dates for your Diary


The Newham Swords Challenge Series will have 5 events in 2021

Event 1: Sunday, 17th Jan
Event 2: Saturday, 6th Feb
Event 3: Saturday, 13th Mar
Event 4: Saturday, 8th May
Event 5: Saturday, 19th June

Newham LPJS (Foil): 13th and 14th November

Training Camps

Pierre and I will also be holding Cadet Training Days following Event 3 (on the 14th March), Event 4 (on the 9th May) and Event 5 (on the 20th June).

26th – 29th July: Newham Swords Summer Camp

Newham Swords leads the LPJS Chart

Well done to our all our Newham Swords fencers who won medals at the 2019 LPJS Events. Your success has put the Club at the top of the Leon Paul Junior Series Medals Table! 

Congratulations also to Dominik Juras who finished his LPJS season as the top U9 Fencer, and to Mikhel Archer who finished his LPJS season as the top U13 fencer! Well done everyone! Pierre and I and the Newham Swords Family are so proud of you all!!


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