3 Day October Camp Listing

Maximum of 30 per day

26 Entries
First Name of fencerFamily NameClub(s)Days
Adam Khan Newham Mon, Tue, Wed
Adejah Samuel Newham Swords Wed
Amelia Chatrath Newham Swords, Cambridge Swords Mon, Wed
Ayaan Hussain Newham swords Mon
Brian Chyzowski Newham Swords Mon, Tue, Wed
Danielius Juras Newham swords Tue, Wed
David BISHAY Newham Swords Mon, Wed
Delia Nicoleta Cheta Newham Swords Mon, Tue
Dominik Juras Newham swords Tue, Wed
Eleanor Knox Newham Swords Wed
Ethan Rentzos Newhamswords Tue
Gabrielle Wallis-Hughes Newham Swords Mon, Wed
Isabella Manlangit Newham Swords Mon, Tue, Wed
Jamaal Ibn Mahbub Newham Tue, Wed
Keir Adeleke Newham swords Tue
Khari Peterkin NEWHAM SWORDS Tue
Leilani Richardson Newham Swords Mon, Tue, Wed
Maksim Vassiljev Tue, Wed
Mihkel Archer Newham Swords Mon, Tue, Wed
Milo Davidson Newham Swords Wed
Mohammed Belbouab Newhamswords Mon, Tue, Wed
Nathan Cezair-Taylor Newham Swords Mon, Wed
Salahudeen Ahmed Newham swords Mon, Tue, Wed
Sara Khan Newham Swords (University of East London) Mon, Tue, Wed
Sophie Tsang Newham Swords Wed
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