Training Camp Instructions

Updated October 2020

[Note that this system was originally designed to manage competition entries, so is more elaborate than it needs to be for training camps]

Cheque and GoCardless are no longer offered as payment options (Oct 2020)

Refunding Entry fees.

You cannot refund GoCardless fees with GoCardless. Use Paypal (see below) or send a cheque.

Paypal. You can refund using Paypal refund option for about 2 months after the original payment. This will also refund the Paypal fee EXCEPT for the fixed fee element.

If the refund option is no longer available just make a Paypal payment to the person’s email. Use Friends and Family option to avoid Paypal fees. It’s optional whether you deduct an ‘admin fee’ to recover the Paypal fees on the original payment.

Setting up a new Training Camp. (note that all links open in a new tab so you can work from these instructions)

NB There are three training camp configurations allowing 2 one day camps and 1 four day camps to be available at the same time. These are TC1a, TC1b (set up not completed) and TC4

1. Amend the Training Camp Information Page Title and details but NOT the page name or slug. You may have to edit the header image on your PC and upload a new image. Lin usually includes this image on her information sheet. Ignore any reference to the printed entry form. (She takes these to other events to promote them) Delete the old image from the Media Library to save space on the server.

2. If the fees have changed: you will have to change the buttons in Paypal and update the Payment Plans in GoCardless. And change the Payment Pages on the website to match… Using Stripe this is easier as it is all done in the website.

2a. Note that the Payment pages are in three sections. 1. Where a deposit is payable, 2. where the full amount must be paid and 3. Payment by cheque. (Cheque is being discouraged and no longer offered as an option online)

Each section is a ‘spoiler’ which collapses and opens when clicked. Here is the code (which wont work as it has been doctored with a space between s and u)  : [s u_spoiler title=”Payable from 9th June 2017″ open=”yes” style=”fancy” class=”my-custom-spoiler”].

You can choose which spoiler starts off automatically opened by changing open= to “yes” or “no” which leads the user to the appropriate payment options. You can also see where to change the descriptions. You can set these descriptions to ” ” to further hide them from users. But check they work ok. Or insert Not Available to dissuade users from using them.

NB These spoilers are being replaced with Gutenberg Accordians which are much easier Note: to carry out the tasks in 2b and 2c below you need to be set up with a user ID and Password on Paypal and GoCardless. You can test without this access.

2b) Log in to GoCardLess (GC) and amend the GoCardless Payment plans. Amend the button descriptions on the website Payment Page and Balance payment page to match these. You do not usually have to change any code but ensure the payment references in GC are the same in the buttons. If not, copy the payment reference to the web page button. Be very precise about checking quotes eg href=”” in the button code. Always delete the existing highlighted code before pasting in the new code.

2c) Amend the Paypal (PP) Buttons in Paypal and COPY THE CODE into the Paypal section of the Payment page and Balance Payment page. This is not difficult but a bit pernickety. If Paypal detects any differences between their code and the code on the webpage it will not work. This is a security feature. On the website Payment pages insert a ‘Custom HTML’ block and paste the code into the HTML option. Replace any existing code with the new code provided on the Paypal button page. Return to Visual mode.

2d) Test the Gocardless and Paypal buttons up to the stage of making a payment including the Cancel Payment option. The Cancel Payment option in Paypal or GoCardLess should return you to the Payment Page.

When a payment is completed the user is taken to a Payment Completed page on this website. There is a separate Payment Completed page for Paypal and GoCardless. These page names are all set up on the Gocardless Payment Plans and Paypal buttons or in the configuration options in those systems, so that those system know where to return the customer

If you want to test with an actual payment there is a button in each system for a fee of £1. Set up a button with this code on the Payment Page and see how it works!

2e) Amend the Pay by Cheque section of both Payment and Balance Payment page for the new fees.

2f) On the Payment pages, ensure you set the Spoiler Open setting in the spoiler code to make sure the user sees the correct payment options. ie with deposit and when the deposit period is ended.

3. Delete all the entries for the previous training camp. From the WordPress Dashboard, select Participants Database (PDB), List Participants. Delete all records with the relevant tc number in the Event Code. You can use the filter at the top to do this. Then Delete

If there is an online Membership System take care! All those records are in here too! For safety make a CSV download using the option at the bottom of the List Participants page. To delete records check the boxes on the left of each record and choose Delete from the ‘with selected’ options at the top. You can usually only delete a page of records at a time.

4. Finally, test the ‘flow’ end to end from registering an attendee to making a payment. (choose the cancel payment option on the Paypal screen). Use your own email address to receive Confirmations of new entrants and Notifications of entries.  Confirmations are sent to the email address of the entrant as entered in the entry form. Notifications go to Newham personnel via  also set within PDB. Emails sent to the events email address are forwarded to real people using the email forwarding settings in the email management section of the website hosting account. To access this see the page called 001 Site Documentation – WordPress and Hosting.

You will need an administrator level ID and Password to access the hosting account.

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