One Day Camp Entry Management (TC1a)

For admin use only

These links are useful when setting up a new Camp. They will open in a new tab

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Amount Due: 0 Amount Paid: 0

Everybody who registers appears here until you mark them as Paid and Entered (or Reserve or Withdrawn). At some point update the Amount Due from the entry fee table. They can be entered but still unpaid eg, deposit paid only, so will appear on the Entered list and the public Attendees list but remain on this one. It’s up to you and circumstances. I suggest you keep people here until fully paid as it gives you a convenient view of those who still have to pay something. There are 4 fields to be maintained on each record

  1. Paid: Yes or No
  2. Status: Entry (default on registration), ENtered, Reserve or Withdrawn
  3. Amount Due: Update this according to what they have signed up for
  4. Amount Paid: As per Paypal and GoCardLess reports or advised by Lin cheques and cash.

Hint: RIGHT click the entrants name and open their record in a New Tab then update and Save. This speeds up the maintenance process as you can leave records to update and return to the list to do something else. Do ensure it says Record Updated before closing the entrant’s tab.

UnpaidEntered:A-ZEntered:Parent SurnamePaid but not enteredReservesWithdrawnMailchimpLin's ListingMarked for DeletionOther Instructions

1 Entries
Date RecordedFirst Name of fencerFamily NameDate of BirthFirst NameFamily NameAmnt DueAmnt PaidPayment MethodPrivate notesTraining Status
02/03/2020 Pako Elseehy 12/06/2006 Amr Elseehy Paypal Entry

These have status of Entered (but may not be fully paid). Will now appear on the public participants page and Lin’s list.

0 Entries

0 Entries

There should be no one in this list! But it can happen if you accidentally mark them as paid but not changed the Status to Entered

0 Entries

If the event is over subscribed entrants can be held in here. If a space becomes available (someone withdraws), select a lucky participant from this list and put them back into Entered. Their Paid status will be retained so will appear in the Unpaid list if not marked as Paid.


NB If a refund is requested check out Other Instructions for advice

Withdrawals are not shown on the public list and not shown on Linda’s list.

0 Entries

Not shown on the public list and not shown on Linda’s list. If you get duplicate entries put them in here.

0 Entries

Everyone appears on this list. Use it to update Mailchimp. NB This may be done automatically using a new Mailchimp integration module but it’s worth checking.

1 Entries
First NameFamily NameFirst Name of fencerClub(s)
Amr Elseehy Pako TMFC

Lin’s Listing

A complete listing of those Entered with all relevant info from the registration form and payment due and paid. Copy and paste into a spreadsheet and adjust columns to make them as narrow as possible for printing.
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
0 0 0 0 0

1 Entries
First Name of fencerFamily NameDate of BirthClub(s)Coach(es)DaysMedical StatusFirst NameFamily NameEmergency ContactMain Contact number
Pako Elseehy 12/06/2006 TMFC Adam Blight / Andy Vincent None Amr Elseehy Pakinan Zeid 0757 0043 857

Records that just need to go can be marked for deletion by checking the Delete Flag on the Entrant’s record. They will appear here and not in the mailchimp listing either. They should be marked as Withdrawn to prevent them appearing anywhere else.


The deletion function will be provided later together with a method of deleting all training camp records before a new camp.

Delete Records

0 Entries