Newham Summer LPJS Foil 2015 Info

27th and 28th June 2015

Entry is now closed due to the large number of entries. Group entries have been loaded.

Venue:   SportsDock, University of East London (Docklands Campus), London E16 2RD (Home of Newham Swords Fencing Club). Transport directions and map

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Please note that points are not awarded to fencers entering competitions above their age group unless a lower age group competition is not held. eg U9 fencing in U11 where no U9 event is held. Such an entry is for fun and experience only.

Check In times are provisional and may change before the event

Event Check-In Closes Entry Numbers
Saturday 27th
U11 Boys 09.00 0
U15  Boys 09.15
U15  Girls   11.00 0
U13 Girls 12.30 0
Sunday 28th
U13 Boys  09.00 0
U11 Girls 09.15 0
U9 Boys 13.00 0
U9 Girls   13.00 0
 Total Entries: 0

Closing Date: Midday Tuesday 23rd June 2014 

Entry Fee: £30.00

Notes:  Use fencer’s age as at 1 January 2015 to select the age group

NB There is no U17 event at this competition

Medals awarded to top four fencers. Certificates for all competitors.

  • U9s must use size 0 blades;
  • U11s & U13s must use size 3 blades or smaller.
  • All fencers must wear 350N jacket & breeches.
  • U9s, U11s & U13s must wear a 350N plastron.
  • U15s must wear an 800N plastron and lamé bibs

A limited Armoury service will be available

  • Please check that weapons are working before coming to the competition!
  • All foils must have 6″ (15cm) of insulation at the point to ensure hits are registered against the opponent.
  • If you replace the tape on a Leon Paul foil you should also, as a general rule, replace the point screws at the same time

Cafeteria and large, free car park available. Easy access throughout Centre

For further information, contact Linda Strachan on 07956 618898 or email

Have your LP Unique ID Ready: 2 Initials+Date of Birth in dd/mm/yy plus Gender. Ignore all middle names eg  Lewis Day born 16 June 1995 would have a unique ID code of LD160695M.