Newham fencers selected to represent GB

Well done to our Newham Swords Cadet and Junior Internationals who have achieved some fantastic results over the last two months, earning them GB selections for various cadet and junior internationals over the next three months!

Well Done to Teagan Williams-Stewart and Georgia Silk who are now ranked 1 and 2 respectfully in the GB U17 Rankings, and who have just been selected for the U20 Eden Cup, the Budapest U17 International and the Cabries U17 International.

Congratulations also to Ellie Knox who is currently ranked number 8 in the GB U17 Rankings, earning her a GB selection for the Budapest and Cabries U17 Internationals.

Well done also to Rachel Shaw and Alice Campbell for their selections to represent GB at next month’s Eden U20 World Cup.

Newham GB selections 2018
Fencers from left, Williams-Stewart, Shaw, Campbell, Silk and Knox. Newham GB selections 2018 [Click for larger image]
Well done girls! Pierre and I are so proud of you all!!!

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