Medals and GB Rankings for Newham Swords

Camden Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS) Tournament

Following their recent success at the Bristol U17 British Selection Foil Event, Newham Sword’s younger fencers triumphed yet again when five of them took medals at the Camden LPJS National Foil Tournament.

Camden LPJS Oct14 Medal Winners - Small
Medallists from the Camden LPJS Oct 14. From left to right (front row): Sophie Tsang and Jacob Haynes. From left to right (back row): Pierre Harper (coach), Benjamin Udrzal, Darica Au, Emilija Lukaite and Linda Strachan (Club Manager)

In the U11 Boys and U13 Girls Events, Jacob Haynes and England International, Emilija Lukaite, each took gold whilst Benjamin Urzdal took silver in the U13 Boys. Team-mates, Sophie Tsang, and Darica Au, added to the medal haul when they each took bronze in the U9 Girls and U15 Girls respectively. These results now mean that Lukaite, Haynes and Tsang all move to the top of the LPJS Rankings in their respective age groups.

Gateshead U20 Foil Tournament

Newham Sword’s older fencers added to their success at the weekend when three of them were placed 1st, 3rd and fourth in the Gateshead U20 British Selection Foil Event. GB International and UK School Games gold medallist, Rajan Rai, took gold whilst team-mates and fellow GB Internationals, Jai Birch and Kamal Minott each took bronze. These results now mean that all four fencers (namely, Jai Birch, George Bailey, Rajan Rai and Kamal Minott), at the top of the GB U20 Men’s Foil Rankings are from Newham Swords Fencing Club. “What an incredible achievement by our junior boys. No club in Britain has ever achieved this”, said Head Coach, Pierre Harper.

Bratislava U20 World Cup

The results achieved at Gateshead also mean that Birch, Bailey, Rai and Minott have all been selected for the Bratislava U20 World Cup, taking place next month. They will also represent GB in the team event. Team-mate, and GB International, Katrina Feklistova, (currently ranked number 3 in the GB U20 Women’s Foil Rankings), has also been selected for the Individual and Team event at the Bratislava World Cup, following her results in Gateshead.

Tauber and Cabries U17 World Cups

A further six Newham Swords fencers have been selected to represent GB in World Cups, taking place in November and in December. GB U17 Internationals, James Page and Ciaran Archer, will fence for GB at the Cabries U17 International whilst Alice Campbell (currently ranked number 2 in the GB U17 Women’s Foil Rankings), Emilija Lukaite, Rachel Shaw and Darica Au will all compete in the Tauber U17 World Cup.

Newham Swords GB International Fencers - Small
Our thirteen GB Internationals with Rajan Rai (in the middle), holding the Gateshead U20 trophy which he won. Back Row (left to right): Ciaran Archer, Katrina Feklistova, Rajan Rai, Jai Birch, Michael Koudou, Kamal Minott and Amol Rattan. Front Row (left to right): James Page, Emilija Lukaite, Rachel Shaw, Alice Campbell, Darica Au and George Bailey

 To have so many of our club fencers selected to fence for GB at both U17 and U20 level, as well as have the top four ranked U20 men’s foilists and the number two U17 women’s foilist in GB, is absolutely amazing”, said Club Manager, Linda Strachan. “I now look forward to helping them qualify for the U17 and U20 European and World Championships.

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