Four Day Training Camp Balance Payment

Pay these amounts only if you have already registered and paid a £100 deposit for the 3 day or 4 day courses

The balance is due by Saturday 25th July

Chasing payment is a lot of work! Please pay promptly. 

Please scroll down to your preferred payment method.

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This service is only available for UK bank accounts at present.

When you use this method you will be authorising a one off Direct Debit from your bank account

Balance due if you paid a deposit of £100

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To pay by Credit or Debit card click the Buy Now button and choose “Check out as Guest” on the Paypal website. You do not need a Paypal account

If you are paying by Debit card please consider using GoCardLess as the processing fees are much lower.

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Number of days
Name of Fencer

Paying by Cheque

Send your Cheque,

Payable to “Newham Swords Fencing Club

with the fencer’s name(s) and entry code (from the confirmation email) written on the back

Three days £101
Four days £141 (10% discount)


Newham Swords 2018 Summer Camp
Linda Strachan
Old Readings Cottage,
Bakers Farm Lane,
Blackmore End,

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