Get Teagan to the Junior Europeans and The Worlds

Teagan Williams-Stewart started fencing with Linda Strachan and Pierre Harper at Newham Swords Fencing Club, at the age of 11. In six short years, she has won numerous Leon Paul and Newham Junior Series titles, the England U15 title, the British Youth U18 title and the National Senior Women’s Foil title (the latter at just 16 years of age!). Her best achievement to date is winning a silver medal at the U17 Rome International last year.

Having ended her Cadet career (last season) as the number one ranked fencer in GB, Teagan is now in her first year as a Junior (U20). She is currently ranked 2nd in the GB U20 Women’s Foil Rankings as well as 4th in the GB Senior Women’s Foil Rankings.

Following her outstanding results achieved this season, Teagan has been selected to fence for GB at the 2020 Junior European Championships (which take place in Porec, Croatia, later this month), and at the 2020 Junior World Championships (which will take place in Salt Lake City, USA, in April).

Whilst extremely happy and excited to be selected to represent GB at both the Junior Europeans and Junior World Championships, there is still a big hurdle to overcome in the way of finance. It is estimated that entry fees, accommodation, flights, equipment costs and contributions towards the team manager and referees costs, will amount to around £4,000 (and this doesn’t even include food costs!). Teagan’s mum, (with the help of Teagan’s coaches), has done wonders in financing the long list of domestic and international competitions which Teagan has needed to attend, in order to get her to this point. However, there are limits to what a parent can do.

The major sporting bodies in this country only really fund Olympic hopefuls, and so it is left to people like us, who understand the dedication and commitment needed to achieve success in sport, to support talented athletes like Teagan.

We know that you are constantly asked for money for this or that, but if we are to see success for GB Sport, we all need to back it with our pockets as well as our enthusiasm.

If everyone on our email list were to contribute just £10, we would raise enough money to send Teagan to both the Junior Europeans and Worlds.

Please support this very promising, young British fencer and please share.
Thank you so very much.
Linda and Pierre

Here are some of Teagan’s successes on the path to her future

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Teagan Gets Top GB Result at Eden Junior World Cup (Nov 2018)

Well done to Newham Swords fencer, and the current Cadet GB Number 1, Teagan Williams-Stewart,  who (at just 15 years of age) got GB’s top result by coming 43rd out of 133 fencers at the Eden Junior World Cup. Well done also to Head Coach, Pierre Harper, who supported Teagan throughout the competition.
Teagan finished a great weekend for Newham Swords when reaching the L32 stage (achieved by only four Brits) of the London Senior Cup which took place the following day.
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Fencing a Success at “Girls Active Camp”

Newham Swords Club Manager, Linda Strachan, delivered fencing to around 100 school children, as part of the Girls Active Camp. This Camp, run by the Youth Sport Trust, took place at Loughborough University and was a great success.

Linda with the girls from Girls Active Camp
Newham Swords manager Linda Strachan (center) with some of the girls who took part in the Girls Active Camp

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Newham Swords Shortlisted for Three Categories at this Year’s Inaugural British Fencing Awards

Newham Swords Fencing Club is very proud of the fact that it has just been shortlisted for three of the ten awards to be presented at this year’s British Fencing Awards.

We have been shortlisted for Performance Coach of the Year (through Pierre Harper), Innovation Award of the Year  (through Linda Strachan’s work on the ‘Muslim Girls Fence’ project), and Club of the Year.

Well done to all those involved and good luck at the British Fencing Awards Ceremony which will take place on Saturday, April 16th.

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“Muslim Girls Fence” Project

Over the first three months of 2016, our Club Manager, Linda Strachan, was providing weekly fencing sessions to a group of year 8 girls from Frederick Bremer School in Walthamstow, as part of the “Muslim Girls Fence” project.

This project (a collaboration between Maslaha, British Fencing and Sport England) challenges prevalent misperceptions of young Muslim women, in light of the complex discrimination experienced by this group on the basis of both faith and gender. The initiative also aims to break down conceptions of fencing as a white-dominated elite sport that is not accessible to young people of all backgrounds.

Linda (second left) with Virginia Bailey, British Fencing Participation Manager and Year 8 girls and staff from Frederick Bremer School at the Women of the World Festival at the South Bank Centre. ©Rehnat Rayatt
Linda (second left) with Virginia Bailey, British Fencing Participation Manager and Year 8 girls and staff from Frederick Bremer School at the Women of the World Festival at the South Bank Centre. ©Rehnat Rayatt

As a result of this project, a short film entitled “Don’t Fence Me In” has been put together showing the girls (and Linda) in their fencing sessions. The film also shares new visions and reflections of what it really means to be a Muslim girl in the UK today. The film will be released  September 2016

Why Muslim Girls



“It was an amazing experience to be part of this project. The girls I worked with were not only able to master the basic skills of fencing over a very short period of time, but were also able to share and teach those skills to other young people. I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a talented and passionate bunch of girls,” shared Linda.


Why Muslim Girls Fence [click for larger images]

All photos courtesy of Rehnat Rayatt


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Newham Swords to launch a new series of competitions for boys and girls

Competing is the best way to compare skills and for fencers to up their game. Learning from past losses and applying it for future success is a basic life skill.

This new series, run by the Newham Swords team over seen by Olympic fencers Linda Strachan and Pierre Harper, will encourage children to train consistently and measure their performance through the year and, being limited to 4 events, means there is no race to attend the maximum competitions available on the calendar.

With the winners of each competition taking home medals and trophies and the overall winners having their own trophies, children will have lasting memories of their achievements in competitions run to high standards but in a friendly supportive setting.

All competitions will take place at Sportsdock, London, which has excellent facilities and secure parking so that there is no trekking around the country to unfamiliar locations which are a challenge for parents and unsettling for children. Being in a familiar place will enable them to concentrate on the task at hand.

The competitions will take place in January, April, June and November for U14, U12, U10 age groups

Online entry will be available very soon! Dates of the first three in the series are on our Calendar

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